Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Barbados - The Perfect Holiday Destination?

The islands of the Caribbean are all absolutely delightful. The combination of a pleasant tropical climate, beautiful turquoise seas, soft sandy beaches, amazing hotels and the variety of cuisine make them all hugely popular holiday destinations and they all have a range of delightful hotels offering all inclusive holiday packages.

All the islands are extremely attractive but for the keen snorkelers and scuba divers at Alihoco, Barbados just nudges into first place!

Most of the bays on the west coast are gently shelving and the warm, clear waters are fringed with coral and frequented by beautiful fish and turtles making them safe and interesting locations to snorkel or learn to dive. For the more experienced divers with a PADI Wreck Diver qualification the Barbados authorities have sunk a number of boats and ships that they have strategically 'part-dismantled' to ensure they are safe to dive. The wrecks are in a variety of locations and varying depths and teeming with sea-life.

There are loads of PADI Registered Dive Shops on the island so if you are a keen snorkeler or scuba diver or want to get a basic or advanced diving qualification it would be difficult to find a better holiday destination!

Do you agree that Barbados is the best Caribbean Island?  If not, we'd love to hear which Island is your favourite and why!

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