Friday, 8 April 2011

All Inclusive Holidays

It's fascinating to see that 'First Choice' are following the 'Alihoco' lead and will offer all of their holidays next year as 'all inclusive' packages. That's great news for holidaymakers.

We set up The All Inclusive Holiday Company ('Alihoco') specifically to address the 'all inclusive' market because we spotted that it provided such fabulous value for consumers and it's great to see that we are changing the face of the travel and tourism industry and providing even better value for holidaymakers.

At 'Alihoco' we supply 'all inclusive' packages from all the main holiday operators (not just one!) as well as assembling our own custom-built packages so customers can be confident that they can browse the widest choice of 'all inclusive' packages and compare prices to ensure they get the very best value for their money.

Apologies for blowing our own trumpet a little but it's good to get this confirmation that we are leading the field in this important change in the industry!

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