Thursday, 28 April 2011

Bad Week for Tycoon O'Leary

Is karma really in full effect for those who believe that Ryanair chief Michael O'Leary bashes his customers with constant additional charges?

Some might say so after the week that Mr. O'Leary has hac. The first incident was particularly costly for O'Leary and occured on a flight from Milan to Madrid where three travellers who had purchased scratchcards each won a €13,000 car.

The €2 scratchcards are used as an additional method for Ryanair to raise profits and there is said to be one winner per month but not three on the same journey!

Secondly, a study has also said that he was wrong to stress that the volcanic ash cloud dangers were not real. Scientists at the University of Iceland have backed the air traffic controllers decision to close the airspace due to the Eyjafjallajökull volcano.

Or in Mr. O'Leary's excellent scientific analysis - "there was no ash cloud. It was mythical. It's become evident the airspace closure was completely unnecessary... none of us could see a bloody thing."

The final clanger in Mr. O'Leary's week was the withdrawal of the bikini clad model offering escapes to warmer climes. The ASA has ruled that the advert, which offered spring sun was for destinations which had maximum temperatures under 10c was misleading.

I hope that Mrs. O'Leary has some Camomile tea at the ready and is telling him to 'calm down dear, calm down.'

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