Friday, 8 April 2011

Does the World Love All Inclusive?

With the announcement today by First Choice that from next year it will only sell All Inclusive holidays, we ask whether all inclusive holidays are good for everyone?

The majority of people agree, that if you are a family on a budget All Inclusive offers an excellent way of taking a holiday and managing costs.  The additional peace of mind means that the adults and the children can indulge to their hearts content without the worry of what it costs.  Our customers also tell us that all inclusive holidays are more social as people are more willing to get each other a drink, or share food as they enjoy a cashless environment.

But what about the local economy of these holiday destinations?  How many all inclusive holiday makers will venture out of the hotel to visit local sights and attractions or enjoy a meal in a local cafe?  Are we doing more harm than good by going on an all inclusive holiday and do we need to see the bigger picture as to what these resorts will become??

I guess everyone will have an opinion, but one thing does seem certain, all inclusive holidays are here to stay for a while yet!

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