Friday, 27 May 2011

Airbus consider 900 seat all economy class A380

The sight of the Airbus A380 is becoming more familiar at the world's major airports as Korean Air is the latest airline to recieve one of the super jumbo's into its fleet. Korean Air's model is equipped to carry 407 passengers in three different travel classesand it also features an onboard duty free store. The market for luxury travel is still existent but several airlines are now looking into ways of taking as many passengers possible from one destination to another.

Airlines such as Cathay Pacific, Virgin Atlantic and Emirates have expressed an interest in a new potential version of the aircraft which has been dubbed the A380-900 which would be capable of seating 900 in an all economy layout. The jumbo jet of old, the 747 would be capable of flying 624 passengers if the plane was in an all-economy layout.

I wouldnt look forward to boarding one of these planes!

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