Sunday, 15 May 2011

Be careful with spelling when booking flights online

A survey into airline charges has found that if you spell your names wrong when booking flights it could cost as much as £100 to rectify the error.

It could cost even more if you make a simple mistake such as using your maiden rather than married name as there is a flat fee for the change, plus any difference in price of the seat between the day you booked the flight and the day the amendment is made. For example, if the cost of the flight has increased by £50, the cost to amend the name on a booking with Bmibaby would be £90, £80 with Easyjet and £77.50 with Jet2.

However, some airlines are more lenient with amendments. If you realise the error within 24 hours, Bmibaby, Flybe and Thomson have a 24-hour grace period for spelling hours.

The only way to make sure that you wont face a heavy penalty is to take your time when completing your details and to make sure that they are correct once your confirmation has been received.

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