Friday, 6 May 2011

The Best Overseas Places for Brits to Retire

An increasing number of Brits are looking to retire overseas in order to experience better weather a lower cost of living and less taxation. The economic turbulence of the last 3 years has resulted in areas which offer these criteria with property prices at reduced levels.

Destinations which are particular attractive are  -
  • Barbados  -   Britains are the biggest expat community in Barbados and prices are  15% lower than 2008.
  • France -    Particularly popular areas are the Dordogne, Languedoc and Provence with prices down 8% since 2007
  •  Italy -      Fancy a little rural home in the hills? For around £200,000 it is possible to three bedroom home with barn and garden 
  • Florida -    Pick up a bargain condo for as little as £60,000 and be ten minutes from Disneyland, if you would like to!
  •  Cyprus -   There are several perks to Cypriot living, the year round sunshine helps but so does the rule which states that if you spend more than 183 days on the island, you become become a tax resident and liable for as little as 5% income tax
So what is stopping you?

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