Friday, 20 May 2011

Bulgarian hoteliers may protest unless they get fair share of profits

The owners of hotels in the Bulgarian resort of Sunny Beach may protest unless they are given a fair return on their hard work in the the summer months.

Sunny Beach is currently 75% state owned and 25% owned by minority shareholders. This has lead to hotel and bar owners staging a meeting and accusing the state owned assets of racketeering.

The revolt stems from hoteliers being required to pay fees to the Nessebar Municipality and Sunny Beach JSC. The spokesperson for the commitee, Sava Choroleev said that "At present, Sunny Beach JSC charges hotel owners with an infrastructure fee for implementing an access regime and stationing checkpoints for that purpose, for placing advertisements, for video surveillance, and a number of other activities that they have never requested from the company,"

The hotel owners in Sunny Beach have so far refused to pay the total sum of BGN 3m per season as they are demanding the ownership of the streets and alleys in the complex be transferred free-of-charge to the municipality to avoid double taxation.

We will keep you abreast of the situation if relations get any worse.

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