Saturday, 7 May 2011

First Class Cabins Shrink as Airlines Target Larger Business Class Cabins

The configuration of long haul planes is changing with fewer seats being allocated to the mysterious to most of us - First Class. This can be seen on board Lufthansa's new A380 jumbo jet. The total number of passengers capable of traveling on board is 526, with 98 in business and 8 in first class.

Vern Alg,  a consultant specialising in cabin interiors suggests that it is rare for people to splash out on the first class seats and they are often 'crown princes, movie stars or somebody eccentric with a lot of money.' He goes on to state that to 'carry a first class product for a few people to buy it is a huge cost to the airline'.

The change has been attributed to a few reasons, one of which is that the majority of business class seats are now better than first class seats from 10 years ago. This is in addition to Virgin Atlantic creating a superb business class service in Upper Class which could rival BA's First Class at a lower cost. Now how about a lie flat seat for us commoners at the back?

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