Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Going on a Cycling Holiday? Choose Your Airline Carefully

If you are planning a trip overseas with your bicycle this year, it is important to factor in the cost of taking your pride and joy on the airline.

The cost varies greatly between airlines with the highest charges are from Lufthansa (£60 per flight), Iberia (£65 per flight) and Ryanair (£40 per flight).

The airlines who are more cycle friendly are KLM, Air France and BA who allow your bike to be included as part of your baggage allowance. The other airlines which fare in the middle are Monarch at £18.50 per flight and Easyjet which also charge £18.50 per flight.

Top tips when flying with your bike are -

 - Deflate your tyres
 - Remove your pedals
 - Pack it in a bicycle box or bag (and pray!)

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