Friday, 27 May 2011

Ibiza battles largest wildfires in its history

The Balearic island of Ibiza is suffering from the biggest wildfires in it's history and police on the island have arrested a beekeeper suspected of accidentally starting the blaze. The fire has lead to 200 people being evacuated from their homes and a further 200 guests being evacuated from the Hotel Paradise Beach in the resort of Portinatx.

The fire began on Wednesday near the town of Sant Joan de Labritja and quickly spread to cover a size of around 1500 hectares. The man detained is a 50 year old beekeeper who is accused of starting the fire with a smoker he was using to blow into a beehive.

The operation to control the fire required 400 people, eight helicopters and three planes. Thankfully no one has been hurt.

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