Friday, 20 May 2011

Qantas plane forced to land for second time in eight months

A Qantas flight from Bangkok to London was forced to return to Bangkok after an engine experienced trouble shortly after take off. A spokesperson for Qantas said that 'there was an increase in vibration and high temperatures' in one of the plane's four engines on Friday. This lead the pilot to shut down the problem engine and land the Boeing 747-400 soon after.

It marks the second time in eight months that the airline has had to make an emergency landing. The first time was when an engine caught fire and disintegrated on a Qantas A380 after take off from Singapore in November.

The latest development is more worrying for the engine manufacturer Rolls Royce who have had two incidents in the past week and three in the last eight months. On Monday, a Rolls Royce Trent 700 engine caught fire on a Cathay Pacific flight en route to Jakarta and was forced to make an emergency landing in Singapore.

The Qantas Boeing 747 use a different type of engine than the other planes, with a Rolls-Royce RB211 in operation on these flights.

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