Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Smartphones and social media are integral to travel industry's future

Delegates have been told at a conference for the Guild of Travel Management Companies that moving with the times of social media and mobile technology is vital to their future success. This is particularly important for business travellers who are said to use their smartphones 'like a Swiss army knife'.

Examples of where the travel industry have so far succeeded in this is US Airlines e-boarding systems via smartphone barcodes, American car-sharing firm Zipcar ehich uses the smartphone as a virtual ignition key.
Starwood Hotels also use a remote check-in scheme using pre-issue room keycards and text messages.

The US general manager of Travel by Appointment Daniel Price, used the explosion of Facebook members as being indicative of this along with Twitter which offers a direct channel to the marketplace as well as a place for people to publush both good and bad reviews of travel firms in public.

Other sites in UK are proving popular with mobile phone bookings with thetrainline.com seeing a surge in bookings by this mobile technology.  Adrain Watts of thetrainline.com said that also helps in informing passengers of delays and changes more quickly, and that the future of bookings lay in mobile technology.

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