Thursday, 5 May 2011

The £ Takes Hammering Against Everyone Except USD

It has been a poor day for the Pound today as it slipped to a 13 month low against the Euro. At 1.15pm today 1GBP = 1.1111EUR. A percentage drop of 0.014.

The Pound is also performing at its lowest level since at least 1975 against other currencies including the AUS$  This news has come amid reports that UK house prices dropped for the first time in three months and constructions also slowed. 

However, the Pound did see a rise against the US Dollar with 1GBP = 1.6540USD.

For those of us who have some spare money and looking for a holiday is it better value for money to go for a USA Fly Drive or an All Inclusive in the Eurozone?

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