Sunday, 22 May 2011

Travel insurance harder to obtain for over 65's

A study by consumer group Which? has found that one in four insurers offering annual travel policies will not cover people who are aged 65 or over. It has also found that nine out of ten companies will not insure people in their 80's.

One of the companies who would not insure the over 65's is Swift cover who use Iggy Pop as their advertising front man. He will be 65 on his next birthday.

However, those travel companies who do insure the over 65's do compensate for the risk by charging up to triple the standard premium. One company, Essential Travel costs £58.72 a year for people under 65 but the cost rises to £205.51 for consumers over this age.

The study also finds that 60% of over 65's do not use the internet, where the best value results can be found