Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Sir Richard Branson warns Virgin pilots over potential strike

Sir Richard Branson has stressed that a pilots strike on Virgin Atlantic would leave 'an indelible scar on the company' The pilots' union Balpa has said that it will announce potential strike dates this week unless the dispute over pay is resolved.

On Monday, Sir Richard wrote to his airline's pilots saying that he was 'extremely sad' about the threat of strike action and that it was vital for Balpa to arrange talks with Virgin management.

In a new move, Sir Richard has also said that he would be willing to have a private meeting with pilots to answer particular questions that they may have. Branson's main fears are for the reputation of his company, something that he has put at the forefront of his succesful business model.

He goes on to stress 'Unless Balpa withdraws its threat very soon, it will leave an indelible scar on the company, impact customers' trust in us and damage the unique and friendly culture at Virgin Atlantic. It will affect jobs and it will make it very difficult for the company to afford the current offer on the table.'

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