Saturday, 16 July 2011

'I want to go anywhere' search query could soon be solved

There is encouraging news from travel technology specialist Amadeus as the firm have announced plans for a super search tool for the travel industry. Amadeus extreme search will focus on the traveller and not require destination information but will be able to search on terms such as 'what can I get for £500.'

Stephane Durand of Amadeus said, “Extreme Search is the natural evolution of today’s consumer practices, overthrowing established search methods based on destinations and dates. As important, it is an opportunity for the online travel agency to differentiate itself from the traditional “book it” button which is visible on every website today. Travel sellers are able to capture the traveller’s attention early in the search process due to the unique search experience, thereby growing their share of the leisure market and ultimately increase conversion and customer loyalty. Furthermore, Extreme Search provides invaluable business intelligence on how customers search, helping online agents to respond instantly to new trends and target new customer segments.”

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