Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Rules on pet passports to be relaxed

There is good news for the nation's pet owners as the rules on passports for their beloved companions are to be relaxed. The change to the rules will also save owners who do wish to travel abroad with their pets an estimated £7 million per year.

The current requirements are for anyone who wants to travel with their animals and bring them back into Britain needs to have their pet vaccinated a full six months before returning to the country and also be micro chipped. Their pets then need a blood test a month later to ensure that the anti-rabies vaccine has fully worked. It is at this point that they are a granted a Pet Passport which allows them to come back into the country.

The changes will mean that animal will only need to be vaccinated 21 days before coming back into the country and the blood test requirment will be dropped. The new rules are likely to come into effect in January 2012.

Is is estimated that 100,00 owners a year use the pet passport scheme to take their animals on holidays or on work trips.

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