Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Survey finds Manchester Airport flights cheapest in UK

A survey by has found Manchester Airport to be the cheapest of 15 UK international compiled the list by investigating five of the most popular summer detinations and comparing the cost of flights to them. Outbound flights were also compared to destinations such as Malaga, Dubai, Bangkok and New York.

Manchester airport took first place with Birmingham having the second lowest prices to four destinations and the lowest prices for flights to Dubai. London Heathrow was positioned third, Edinburgh fourth and London Gatwick fifth cheapest.

Nadine Hallak of commented "The most highly searched destinations were predominantly long-haul, so people are no doubt going further to save on ground costs this summer, in destinations where they get more value for their Pounds. We also found that average prices for long-haul are actually cheaper from London airports, while regional airports offer better fares to short-haul destinations like Spain and Portugal,"

However, the cheapest flights to long haul destinations such as Bangkok. New York and Dubai were all found to be cheapest from London Heathrow.

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