Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Doctor's holiday in Caribbean, Farmers holiday on safari, according to survey

A survey of 3,000 adults by Virgin Atlantic found that people's professions have an influence on their choice of holiday destination. The results found that doctors and cabin crew were more likely to favour the Caribbean while those in the financial sector are most likely to visit New York.

The study also found that farmers are more likely to enjoy a safari compared with a beach holiday.

Greg Dawson, director of corporate communications for Virgin Atlantic, revealed that the results also highlighted a sense of adventurousness among UK travellers. 'Our jobs can often dictate where we holiday as budgets, interests and level of relaxation required are all influenced by what we do for a living. However, what we do have in common, no matter the chosen profession, is that Brits are adventurous travellers, with 80% choosing a new destination each time they holiday.'

Where do travel agents tend to go to?!

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