Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Two hives of bees escape on board flight over Russia

There was panic on board a flight over Russia after two hives of bees that had been smuggled onto the plane escaped and began swarming in the business class cabin.

The issue was brought under control after an air hostess managed to enclose the bees inside the wardrobe in the business class section and to seal it with sticky tape.The trafficker blamed the incident on an airport official at Blagoveshchensk Airport who he claims had asked him to carry the boxes to Moscow where he would be met at the airport.

The problems did not end there however, as when the plane arrived at its next destination, Barcelona, a new crew discovered that the fumigation did not kill all bees with five still remaining in the cabin.

This could spell further bad news for Yakutia Airlines as the bill to fumigate the entire plane and to compensate passengers for the delay could be as much as£100,000.

Russian planes have a reputation for being relaxed on security and it seems that the reputation will carry on for a while longer!

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