Friday, 9 September 2011

Beijing to become world's busiest aviation hub

Beijing is to construct a new mega airport which would overtake London and make the city the worlds busiest aviation hub.

Plans for the new mega airport show that the new project could have as many as nine runways and that China's expansion is happening at unpredented levels. Beijing's current largest airport handled 73.9 million passenger in 2010 and this is expected to rise to 90 million by 2015. The capcity for the airport is forecast at 78 million and lead to plans for the new project.

The proposed new airport would allow between 120 and 200 million passengers to travel per year. If this were to happen it would mean that Beijing the largest hub in the world as both Tokyo and London look after around 100 million passengers each per year. The proposed new airport would have eight commercial runways and one for the military, this would mean that it has three more runways than Denver who have the most runways at six.

The project has already caused alarm with environmental groups who warn that the aircraft will worsen the country's already dire pollution problems.

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