Thursday, 15 September 2011

Man tries to open plane doors at 36,000ft

There was drama on board a flight from Majorca to Newcastle yesterday as a passenger attempted open the doors believing that he was on board a flight simulator. Reports suggest that a friend tried to pull the man away from the door but the 22 year old continued to open the emergency exit, yelling 'It's OK, we are just on a simulator."

The man's actions lead to the plane being diverted to Gatwick where police arrested the man. One passenger said that the man was 'off his head' and he was restrained after receiving a smack on the head.

A spokesman for Thomson said "In accordance with our procedures, the local authorities were notified of this incident and the aircraft was met by the police upon landing at Gatwick where the passenger was removed from the flight. We would like to reassure customers that it would not have been possible for this passenger to open the door whilst the aircraft was in the air.We would also like to reassure our customers that incidents of this type are extremely rare."

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