Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Security stepped up prior to 9/11 anniversary

A warning has been issued by The FBI and Homeland Security regarding Al Qaeda and the approaching 9/11 anniversary. The warning focusses on aviation and those with small aircraft.
Authorities have said that there was no specific or credible evidence for a potential attack but security has been increased as a precaution. Alerts have been raised after intelligence suggested terrorists considered renting planes and loading them with explosives.
A bulletin obtained by the Associated Press details the following: Al Qaeda and its affiliates have maintained an interest in obtaining aviation training, particularly on small aircraft, and in recruiting Western individuals for training in Europe or the United States, although we do not have current, credible information or intelligence of an imminent attack."
In 2002, US Officials claimed to have uncovered a plot by Al Qaeda to fly a plane into a US warship and in 2003, they claim to have uncovered a plot to crash a plane into the US consulate in Karachi.

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