Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Swedish hotel unveils hotel room, 500ft under ground!

A hotel in Sweden have opend a very unique hotel room located 500ft under ground. The room at the Sala Silvermine Hotel can only be accessed through a mine shaft which sends guests 509ft under the ground and where communication can only be made through the hotels intercom system.

The £380 per night bedroom comes complete with a luxurious double bed, dining area, seating area and a champagne platter.

Temperatures in the room are believed to remain at around 18 degrees as the room is located in a warm air pocket. The hotel room has been ten years in the making as it was created using a slow mining method called fire setting which involves burning wood which is used to heat up the silver and for it to be chipped away more easily.

It look as though the hotel could be on their way to a profitable venture as the room is fully booked every weekend for the next 12 months.

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