Friday, 2 September 2011

TripAdvisor to be investigated by Advertising Standards Agency

The world's favourite reference point, TripAdvisor, is to be investigated by the Advertising Standards Agency after receiving a complaint on behalf of thousands of hotels that its reviews are inaccurate.

The company behind the complaint is who help companies manage their online reputations and have been pursuing TripAdvisor since last year over what it claims are misleading, fake and defamatory reviews which are in breach of advertising code.

The investigate will focus on whether TripAdvisor does what it claims in providing trusted advise and that it's claims are real and honest.Kwikchex claims that the TripAdvisor does not verify any of the 50m reviews and therefore that they cannot be genuine.

What do you think? Is it TripAdvisor's responsibility to monitor all reviews and if so, how would they know if one is real or fake?

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