Thursday, 20 October 2011

BA ramps up pressure on new transport minister over Heathrow

British Airways have today increased pressure on the government and the new transport minister Justine Greening to address the lack of growth in aviation capacity in the south east.

In a response to the governments 'Developing sustainable framework for UK aviation' BA warned that in order to support the UK economy there must be additional capacity to remain competitive. BA goes further with its opposition through claims that aviation supports more than 900,000 jobs but is in danger of stagnating
if further plans are not put in place.

BA Chief Executive  Keith Williams said: “The Government must take action now. There are no easy choices, but avoiding these choices is to undermine the UK aviation and aerospace industry and to hinder the economic recovery. We are already falling behind other European hubs in providing services to the booming markets of China and India. This will only continue unless the Government commits to allowing sustainable growth. The UK Government has a choice. It can pursue sustainable growth, or simply manage a steady decline. While the number of direct services to China has stalled at Heathrow, rival hubs in Europe have continued to add services."

This has lead to many travellers heading for the Far East being required to change at hubs in Europe such as Paris and Frankfurt rather than flying directly from the UK's largest airport.

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