Monday, 17 October 2011

Booze free hotel chains to open in Turkey

A group of hoteliers in Turkey have undertaken a new venture which will see its hotels be free from alcohol on its premises. The chain, Safe Hotels will open in Turkey afters its directors discovered a demand for alcohol free hotels from the public.

Asım Şahinoğlu of Safee Hotels also believes that his hotels will be able to keep costs down as not serving alcohol saves the company about 8 to 12 percent of the costs. According to Şahinoğlu:  'Hotels that serve alcohol have to manage the bar and accumulate stocks [ of alcoholic drinks ] thus become costly, also because bars are not as profitable as in the past anymore,”

Despite the cheaper running costs, the company has not scrimped on its opening investment. Safee Hotels are said to have invested €1bn on four hotels which will all be opened in November. The company aims to open a total of 20 hotels within five years.

Good luck with the venture guys but I am not sure it will be popular with Alihoco clients!

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  1. Makes sense, One has to to adapt to the demands of the market.