Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Britons to be offered discounts on Olympic hotel rooms

The British government is attempting to boost domestic trade by offering discounts to Britons who look to holiday at home during the Olympics.The Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has revealed that the government is in talks with several hotel chains about offering a 20.12% discount on hotels for UK residents.

At the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, Mr Hunt said:

‘I want to use this to transform our tourism industry so that when people see Hadrian's Wall, Offa's Dyke, Snowdonia, the cliffs of Cornwall, we want to convert good publicity into good business and attract an extra four million tourists to the UK in the years that follow 2012, creating an additional 50,000 jobs. Not only that, but we want to use next year to transform our domestic tourism industry. We want next year to be the year to have a holiday at home and we are talking to hotels up and down the country about offering discounts for next year for people who holiday at home; discounts of, wait for it, 20.12%.’

VisitBritain is optimistic about the benefits of the Olympics on the UK economy, forecasting that areas outside of London will benefit to the tune of £620 million. VisitBritain also forecasts that the benefits will continue in the weeks after the Olympic Games finishes.

Time will tell on Mr Hunt's scheme/gimmick but we would be very surprised to see people choosing Britain at its busiest time over a sunny beach with a cocktail.

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