Friday, 7 October 2011

Friends of the Earth unfriendly over Thomson biofuel flight

I recently wrote about the Thomson flight travelling from Birmingham to the Canary Islands using a plane fuel with a mix of standard jet fuel and biofuels. Since the announcement and the plane travelling, Friends of the Earth have rubbished Thomson's claim of sustainability and that the flights are simply a PR gimmick.

FoE have also warned that the biofuels flights will not make flying greener and that the use of biofuels will wreck rainforests, increase food prices and increase emissions.Contrary to Thomson's claims of the launch being delayed by testing and safety clearance, FoE claim that the delay was due to being unable to source enough fuel in time.

FoE campaigner Kenneth Richter said: "It’s not surprising Thomson couldn’t find enough used cooking oil to fly to Lanzarote – it would take about a hundred years for each passenger to save up enough chip fat."

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