Saturday, 8 October 2011

Plans proposed for Gatwick and Heathrow high speed rail link

A proposal by civil servants has highlighted the possibility of connecting Gatwick and Heathrow Airports via a high speed rail link to create journey time of 15 minutes.

The plan is said to have a cost forecast of £5bn and would mean that there would be no need to build another airport or to expand Heathrow further. The proposal is in its infancy and is likely to attract criticism from Heathrow who would be keen to expand on their own and also from residents in area who would be affected by the plans.

The plans outline that the trains would minimise disruption by travelling at 180mph and would follow the route of the M25 with some of the journey carried out underground. The proposals are also clever in that passengers would not need to go through seperate immigration checks or check-in twice because both airports would be considered the same 'hub'.

Civil servants have been instructed to come up with an appropriate plan as the current infrastructure in the south east is making Britain less competitive as a destination. The distance between the two airports is 35 miles and it would also take less time to build this line than to create a new airport on a new site in a very congested area.

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