Friday, 14 October 2011

Ryanair wins €40 boarding fee appeal

Budget airline Ryanair has won an appeal against a Spanish court which ruled that a €40 fee for boarding pass at the airport was illegal. The appeal court in Barcelona ruled that the penalty fee was lawful which is against the original ruling by the Barcelona commercial court in January which had declared that airlines were obliged to issue boarding cards.

A spokesman for Ryanair welcomed the ruling: “This ruling removes any confusion in Spain about the lawful nature of our boarding pass reissue penalty. We understand it cannot be appealed. This is the first of a number of bizarre lower court rulings in Barcelona which we expect will be overturned. We urge all Ryanair passengers to ensure they check in online prior to arriving at their airport.”

Ryanair appear to have won the case on the basis that when clients book their tickets, they agree to check in online and print their own boarding cards. Their lawyers also argued that passengers failing to do this had breached that agreement and were not entitled to fly.

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