Monday, 17 October 2011

UK Government reassures airline industry over Greening appointment

The government has reassured the aviation industry that the appointment of Justine Greening to transport secretary will not lead to Heathrow expansion plans being treated unfairly. As an MP Greening has campaigned against the expansion plan and a third runways as her constituency is under Heathrow's flight path. Willie Walsh, boss of IAG has raised concerns that the appointment of Justine Greening will lead to a conflict of interest. The chiefs at BAA are also worried about the appointment as they feel without the third runway Heathrow will become uncompetitive. Despite this a spokesman for BAA released a polite statement regarding the appointment -

"We understand the difference between campaigning as a constituency MP and taking decisions in the national interest as a minister.We had a number of constructive meetings with Justine Greening on Air Passenger Duty when she was at the Treasury and we trust we will receive a fair hearing from her as Secretary of State for Transport"

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