Thursday, 24 November 2011

Las Vegas takes gamble in uncertain times with new airport terminal

Las Vegas official's have decided to continue with expanding the city's airport despite it being affected by the global downturn.

Plans were made for a $2.4bn new airport terminal when Las Vegas' popularity showed little sign of slowing down. Rather than taking stock the Las Vegas big wigs have decided to 'go for broke' and attract additional visitors to the gambling mecca.

It is hoped that the new terminal will allow flyers to use Las Vegas as a hub to fly onto further destinations or as a stopover destination for people to enjoy as a short break. The new terminal will also promote itself on processing passengers faster than nearby airports such as San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The additional terminal at Las Vegas McCarran Airport will boost capacity up to 53 million passengers per years and allow more than 20 airlines to operate at the airport. One of the major players in the new plans is Korean Air who fly passengers directly from Seoul three times per week with a view to moving to daily flights.

John Jackson III, VP of Sales for Korean Air Americas said - "We see Las Vegas not just as an origin and destination point, but also as another hub for us. We aim to connect passengers from Salt Lake, from Denver, from Phoenix, from Albuquerque via Las Vegas when they're going to Seoul," Jackson said. "And on the other end of the Pacific, connecting Seoul to one of those 80-something destinations that are served nonstop from Seoul."

One person who does not think that the expansion plan is a good idea is Mo Garfinkle, CEO of GCW Consulting who specialize in aviation markets in China and other Asian markets - "I wouldn't call the new terminal a white elephant, but it's going to be quite empty for a long time if they're looking for flights to Asia. The Asians don't need to come to Las Vegas to get Las Vegas-style gambling,"

No risk, no reward!

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