Thursday, 3 November 2011

Monarch to focus on short and medium haul flights

Monarch Airlines have today confirmed that they are to change strategy and remain focused on short and medium-haul flights. The airline hopes to increase passenger numbers on existing flights and new routes by 40% from seven to ten million in order to expand its way out of trouble.

One company who will be disgruntled by the news is Boeing who were told in September that Monarch's order of six 787's was to be cancelled. Monarch Group Chairman Iain Rawlinson has put off cheap long-haul leisure flying as they are deemed to be uneconomic with the current price of fuel.

The new strategy by Monarch seems to be to consolidate their strengths and focus on the Mediterranean and Canaries whilst using only two or three similar types of aircraft with more efficient planes being brought in over time.

The airline is also to introduce 14 new routes in 2012 to Italy, Croatia and Greece.

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