Sunday, 11 December 2011

Etihad Airways introduce chefs in first class cabins

Etihad Airways have introduced trained chefs in its first class cabins on board flights to London, Sydney, Melbourne and Paris. There are to be further destinations launched by early 2012.

The implementation of chefs comes after an announcement in May and the recruitment of 110 chefs who will be dedicated to the diners in its Diamond First Class cabins. The chefs will prepare dishes from a pre-stocked pantry which includes the finest cuts of meat, sauces, spices and fresh vegetables. Etihad have also timed the change with the introduction of a new menu now called The Mezoon Grille. Passengers will now be able to choose from six meat and seafood options, four sauces and four side options all prepared to order.

Commenting on the move, Lee Shave, Etihad Airways' Vice President said: "By introducing First Class Chefs and refocusing our unique Food and Beverage Managers in business class, Etihad Airways has created the most robust inflight culinary team in the skies. We have consistently elevated our inflight dining experience by putting culinary experts in airline roles as opposed to airline experts in culinary roles. In this way, our innovative team is challenging industry standards and finding new ways to bring a fine dining restaurant experience to our guests, both on ground and in air."

Very cool!

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