Monday, 13 June 2011

BA introduces first class cabins for it's Vegas high rollers

British Airways have announced plans to inrodue a First Class cabin on its service from London Heathrow to Las Vegas. The super luxury cabins will be part of a configuraion on board a Boeing 747 which will include Economy, World Traveller Plus, Club World and 14 First Class cabins.
The First Class cabins are comprised of individual suites allowing passengers their own personal space and to enjoy personal touches which includesa personal wardrobe, electronic blinds and lighting which can be adjusted in accordance with flyers moods.

Simon Talling-Smith of British Airways feels that this is a smart move on BA's part and in keeping with the types of travllers who use the route to the worlds gambling capital: 'for our high roller flyers, we are thrilled to now offer our award winning First class on this route. Our new First offers a 60% wider seat, personal electronic blinds and balanced privacy that creates an intimate private jet experience. I know our customers will love this cabin.”

Virgin Atlantic brawlers fined and banned from airline for life

Three of the passengers on board a Virgin Atlantic flight to Barbados who started a brawl have been fined £2,300 and banned from Virgin Atlantic for life. The offenders include married couple Martin and Zoe King and Mrs Kong's 76-year old father Derek Edmond. All three have admitted their guilt over causing disruption on flight VS29 from London Gatwick.
Mr and Mrs King and Mr Edmond were allowed to continue their holiday after pleading guilty in court and aceepting a fine of £2,300. The trio have since been banned from Virgin Atlantic for life and forced to find an alternative carrier to bring them home.

Staycation popularity in decline

A report has found that the Great British public are moving away from 'staycations' in order to benefit from better climes overseas.Figures from the Office for National Statistics has found that the number of Britons travelling abroad in the first three months of 2011 is 13.5m, a 4% increase on the previous year.

A study by TripAdvisor has foud that 38% of 6000 people were planning a stay-at-home holiday in 2011 compared with 45% in 2010.

Emma O'Boyle, a spokesman for TripAdvisor, said: “This year looks more positive for both travellers and the travel industry. Britons intend to travel more often and will spend more money doing so, but will still proceed with caution. Despite lingering economic fears, we are seeing a trend towards travellers making savvier holiday choices, such a selecting destinations based on a favourable exchange rate or travelling in shoulder season, rather than sacrificing a holiday altogether.”

What do you all think? Will it be UK or overseas for you this year?