Thursday, 7 July 2011

Future looks bright for Liverpool's new cruise terminal

There could be exciting news for the city of Liverpool as a ruling could allow the city to be used as a starting point as well as a stop off point for cruise  ships. The cruise terminal opend in 2007 with the help of £18 millions in grants but a stipulation of the grants was that the port could not be used a start and end point for cruise ships, only temporary stops.

In order to overcome the rulings, Liverpool City Council have put forward proposals for a partial repayment of the subsidy in exchange for a lifting of the restrictions. The figures suggest that Liverpool City Council plan to repay £5.3m over 15 years.

A decision on the proposal is likely to be announced early in the new parliamentary year.

PM to cut business class flights for ministers and civil servants

David Cameron has declared that the vast majority of government flights are to be in the economy class cabin in a move to cut carbon emissions and also, costs.

The move will see travel to further flung destinations being cut back as they account for higher carbon dioxide emissions.
The Prime Minister has pledged to reduce emissions by 25% over the expected five-year term of the current parliament. The move targets and additional 15% on top of the well publicised 10:10 plan.

Business class flights are detrimental to these figures as they are allocated a greater share of a flight's CO2 output because they occupy more space on the aircraft.

I think I can hear the groans from Ministers at Westminster here at Aihoco HQ!

Virgin Atlantic Pilots scrap strike plans

The pilots of Virgin Atlantic have suspended plans to strike pending a vote on a new pay offer from Sir Richard Branson. The details of the revised package will be revealed once they have been receieved by all members of the relevant union.

The spokesman for Balpa, Jim McAuslan stated that 'pilots have ever wished to inconvenience the travelling public, especially those looking forward to summer holidays. We have therefore lifted the threat of strike action.'

Everyone here at Alihoco hopes that you all get a few extra pounds in your pay packet next month.