Friday, 13 January 2012

British holiday makers to travel to Spain in the main

A report by The Post Office has found that Spain represents the best value for money for Britons looking for a holiday. The annual Holiday Money Report compares the cost of eight essential purchases which includes a restaurant meal, drinks and toiletries across 40 different destinations.

The calculations found that the average total cost for the eight items was less than £38 in Spain compared with more than £70 in Egypt and £60 in Turkey. The only other destination which fared cheaper than Spain was the long-haul destination of Sri Lanka where the cost of the eight items was around £28 on average.

The cost of holidaying in Spain is also around 40% cheaper than five years ago. This has been attributed to the rising value of the pound and the cheaper cost of travel to the area. Further afield, the best value long-haul destinations are South Africa and Mexico where the pound continue to strengthen.

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