Sunday, 22 January 2012

Clegg not keen on 'Boris Island'

Nick Clegg today voiced his opinion on 'Boris Island' and revealed that it could become a source of tension in the coalition.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr show, the Deputy Prime Minister said: "I'm totally un-persuaded by the evidence and think we should take a common-sense, hard-headed look at the facts. I don't think we should as a country decide to concrete over vast swathes of the Thames Estuary on a whim. As it happens if you look at the facts, we have four big airports around London, three of which aren't even being used to capacity yet. Call me old-fashioned but it seems like you should first look at things like that."

I don't believe that the Tories are concerned over annoying their coalition partners as recent Tory policies have been indicative of this. A more contentious issue in the eyes of The Prime Minister is that Johnson spoke out of turn in briefing the plan to the Telegraph without warning the government and that Downing Street had already signed up to his proposal.

A further issue is the commitment of IAG to Heathrow after the vast expansion of Terminal 5. It has also been reported in today's Telegraph that the cost to land at 'Boris Island' would be far higher than to land at Heathrow due to the loans to be repaid for building of the project. These costs would clearly be reflected in higher air fares for the consumer as airlines will not be inclined to soak up the additional costs as a gesture of goodwill.

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