Thursday, 19 January 2012

Heathrow gears up to let hundreds of Olympics firearms through security

The upcoming Olympics has raised issues regarding security and the potential threat of terrorism but it has also revealed the more unusual issues that are required to overcome in order for the event to go smoothly.

One such issue is the arrival of 390 athletes from all over the world who will be in possesion of firearms as they are required for their Olympic event. The Olympics will see 780 firearms arrive into the country and a further 20 firearms for the Paralympics later in the year. A document has been released by Heathrow which outlines how it will deal with such an unusual occurence. It states:

"When the competitors arrive, firearms will be collected and transported by approved handler to airside Locog (the London 2012 organisers) vehicles where they will be secured and subsequently transported to the Royal Artillery Barracks (RAB). On the day of issue of firearms to athletes, UKBA (the UK Border Agency) will perform necessary checks against required paperwork within the armoury at RAB."

Up to 80% of Olympians and Paralympians are expected to use Heathrow as their arrival and destination point into the city.

Good luck to all of the workers, volunteers and athletes for a very stressful few weeks!

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