Friday, 6 January 2012

Leading economists urge for HS2 to be built

A group of 28 leading economists have called for the construction of the £32bn high speed rail line and Birmingham to begin as soon as possible. The group lead by Lord Skidelsky believe that the first phase of construction of the line from Birmingham to London could 'support the creation of up to 1m British jobs'.

The group go further in their criticism of the current situation which is a “continuous embarrassment to British business promoting UK plc overseas”.

The Transport Minister, Justine Greening is expected to give the project the go ahead with an announcement possible as early as next Tuesday. The announcement will be the first major decision for the Transport Minister and the government are likely to face calls for a judicial review before the project is given the green light. One such opponent is Martin Tett, the group chairman of Buckinghamshire county council who has said that he has a team of lawyers reading to scrutinise the decision. Commenting on the scheme Mr tett said -

“Major politicians become obsessed with vanity projects but you get more bang for your buck by focusing on local schemes across the country that stimulate local industry,”

It currently takes an hour and a half from Birmingham to London by train, is a further 40 minutes off this time going to be a catalyst for better British industry at a cost of £32bn? I think I agree with Mr Tett.

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