Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Tory plan for 'Boris Island' continues

The start of 2012 has brought some grand plans for the future from the Conservative lead government. A £32bn train line? Check. An £80m yacht for HM The Queen for her tireless national dedication? Check. £50bn airport on The Thames Estuary? Maybe, check.

The government has today announced that it is to hold a formal consultation on the current state of UK aviation and this will include further talks on the viability of an airport on the Thames Estuary dubbed 'Boris Island' after the enthusiastic backing given to the project by the Mayor of London.

It is also believed that the idea has the provisional backing from the Prime Minister and Chancellor but strong opposition from their new friends, The Liberal Democrats.

We are continually being today that there is no money yet to add a huge airport would make a mockery of this claim. It is important to realise that London has the largest capacity of any other city in the world at 130m passengers per year. Surely it would be better for the Chancellor to reduce APD which would guarantee passengers numbers. In turn this would help UK trade and businesses without harming the landscape and our other excellent airports.

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