Friday, 24 February 2012

Does anyone still use holiday brochures?

Do you remember going to Lunn Poly on a wet Saturday and dreaming of the holiday on page 54? Recent development to technology and ways of booking travel has meant that holiday companies such as ours do not use brochures because prices fluctuate, availability changes and huge inventory of stock means that our brochures would be the size of the Yellow Pages.

Despite this, the major package tour operators continue to use brochures as a selling tool when customers visit their high street shops. But as more and more high street shops close and with customers use brochures to find what they would like and then book online, a boss at Tui Travel has admitted that brochures could become a thing of the past within five years.

Nick Longman of Tui Travel told Travel Weekly: 'Brochures are an interesting debate. My challenge in the business is to think about at what point do we need zero brochures. There is going to be a point where we need to stop producing brochures and I think it will come within the next five years.'

What do you think? Do you continue to use brochures or now solely rely on the web?

I think brochures may continue to be used by UK clients but they will be gradually phased out along with high street travel agents.

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  1. I don't think that it's entirely true. Yes, the use of Holiday brochures may have regressed this past decade because of the emergence of the web. But it's still rather effective, especially when used right. As good as the web may be, we can't rely on it alone. We still need to work on our local advertisements.
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