Friday, 3 February 2012

Glorious news for Liverpool

It has been reported that Liverpool City Council is to repay up to £9m to the government which will allow its port to become a turnaround port for cruise liners.

Public funding was given to the project on the stipulation that the port was only used a stop off, not turnarounds. The new plans would allow it's cruises to begin and end their journey and also where boats can be serviced in between cruises.

Councillor Joe Anderson believes that cruises can begin withing three months as the government agreed to allow the plans to  begin once the issue over grants had been resolved.

The decision to pay back the money will also resolve the conflict between Southampton City Council and Liverpool City Council after Southampton council leader Royston accused Mersy side of having an 'unfair advantage' over Southampton due to the government grants.

Well done to all involved to get the issue resolved and for bringing business into the city.

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