Wednesday, 22 February 2012

LOCOG considering charging for fresh air during Olympics

Not really, but it is getting that way. It has recently been announced that LOCOG are to sell tickets at Box Hill 

section of the course under the pretense that it will keep numbers low due to it being an area of outstanding national beauty.

There are to be some 15,000 tickets made available for the Men's and Women's road races. If I were to do some basic calculations I would estimate that the tickets would cost £60 per ticket, the revenue to LOCOG would stand at £900,000. Is this how much the event would cost to steward for two days? Please don't pretend that you are doing this for the sake of the enviroment.

The move has been slammed by British Cycling president Brian Cookson who told The Daily Telegraph: “It would be absolutely better if it was free of charge because cycling is a sport that is traditionally free to watch. I do appreciate the difficult environmental issues that have to be resolved in the sensitive environment of Box Hill, and you can't have an unrestricted free-for-all like the Tour de France. But while the numbers have to be managed, it would be absolutely better if it was free of charge."

The news has also come at a time when it has been announced that vistors will be required to pay £10 to watch Olympic coverage on big screens within the Olympic Park.

Where exactly has our £7.25billion been spent and what benefits are we getting?

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