Monday, 27 February 2012

Salmond drops referendum date clanger

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond looks to have created a problem for the 2014 referendum as the likely date to vote will be during autumn half term in almost entire of the country.

The proposed date of 18th October was meant to increase turnout as it was thought more people would be likely to turnout on a Saturday. Speaking to a radio programme, Mr Salmond said:

"Obviously, in something as important as a referendum on the future of Scotland, you want to hold it on a day where the maximum number of people are able to vote."

Ruth Davidson, the Scottish Tory Leader has taken the opportunity to mock Mr Salmond's likely choice of dates:

"In Alex Salmond's rush to cosy up to Rupert Murdoch he has chosen a date which threatens to disenfranchise a huge number of Scots.The SNP's rationale for holding a vote on a Saturday is to boost turnout, but this date would result in exactly the opposite. Why does Alex Salmond want to call a poll when many voters are away on holiday?"

Common sense is not very common, certainly with politicians!

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