Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Virgin Upper Class crew taught how to whisper

In a move to make Virgin Atlantic the standard bearer for premium travel the airline has appointed a 'whispering coach' so that its crew can speak with their passengers as discretely as possible.

Richard Fitzgerald has been appointed as the 'whispering coach' who will teach crew to speak at between twenty and thirty decibels. Commenting on the new policy, Mr Fitzgerald said:

"The crew are now trained to whisper at tones between twenty and thirty decibels due to its calming effect and the fact that it won't disturb other passengers whilst lights are out. It is incredibly important that all Virgin Atlantic's cabin crew have their skills honed in order to provide the most comfortable experience possible for our passengers. The new Upper Class Dream Suite is the ultimate in luxury and comfort and it's touches like these that make our in-flight service second to none."

The latest innovation by Virgin Atlantic is part of a wider overhaul of its Upper Class cabins.

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