Monday, 13 February 2012

Website offers quickie divorces, whilst on holiday

For those going through a difficult divorce, one website may have come up with a novel idea to make the process quicker, cheaper  and more relaxing than thought possible. have created a holiday package which incorporates return flights, accommodation and the divorce completion for a cost of £4,500.

Quickdivorce UK hope that the benefits of the system will far outweigh the time and cost that it takes to get divorced in the UK and be pain free, provided issues of conflict such as custody of children and ownership of assets have been agreed in writing.

The system is also helped by Dominican Republic law which allows British citizens to be trated as domiciled even thought that they are only theretemporarily. The new venture has already attracted criticism for making the process of divorce too easy. Norman Wells, director  of the Family Education Trust believes that:

"Any system that allows for swift, no-fault divorces inevitably devalues marriage. Marriage involves a lifelong commitment and is therefore not something to be entered into lightly or ended in haste. Instead of providing struggling couples with a quick escape route, we should be encouraging them to talk through their difficulties with a view to resolving their differences and restoring their marriage."

Seems like a pretty novel idea to me. Good luck with the venture!

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