Tuesday, 27 March 2012

easyJet to trial allocated seating

easyJet have today announced that they are to test allocated seating for passengers on a range of routes which will affect 40,000 passengers.

The move,  according to Chief Executive Carolyn McCall is to reduce stress on flyers rather than raise revenue. The airline is to charge £12 per seat for premium places at the front or by exit rows and £3 for any other seat on the plane.

Commenting on the move, McCall said: "We've done a lot of research and found unreserved seating can stress people out a little bit, if they're not used to boarding that way," she said. "Our surveys showed that it can be a barrier to people travelling with us."

I can't say that I think that this is a bad thing as customers still have the option to not select a seat or pay a nominal £3 fee. Having just paid to select a seat with BA to America is something that grates a little more, considering they are meant to be a premium rather than low cost carrier.

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